The Importance of Reviewing Your Goals Quarterly

This is the ideal time of the year to think back to where you started and how far you have come in the past (10) ten months; both personally and professionally to remind yourself of the progress you have made. Essentially, you don’t have to wait until December or January to evaluate where you are.

Remember, the point of setting goals isn’t to successfully complete tasks that you blindly set yourself without understanding how they fit into the big picture, nor is it about maximizing the accomplishment of trivial activities. What is critical in goal setting is the ability to master the right kinds of goals – the ones that align strongly with your priorities and could propel your profession, business and life forward.

So, instead of reviewing your goals once a year; do quarterly reviews because it is important to regularly step back and review progress. By so doing, you become responsive to your environment by adapting to changes that may occur quickly.

Note, just as you think you have an answer to a question or situation, what you don’t realise is that the question or situation has changed. So, speed, responsiveness, and agility are critical in today’s dynamic business environment and in this Age of Instability.

It’s also important to stop to acknowledge and celebrate your milestones by doing something special for yourself or your team. Remember, recognizing and celebrating small successes breeds confidence and more success.

Once you’ve reviewed and celebrated 2019 milestones, start focusing on the coming year right now so you can self-correct or let go of that which didn’t work this year; and most importantly position yourself to hit the ground running in January.

Start focusing only on 2 (two) most important goals that would have the greatest positive impact on your profession, business or life in 2020.

These goals should give you direction and clarify reasoning behind the decisions you make as well as give meaning to your daily tasks. Remember, to accomplish your most meaningful goals, don’t attempt to do too much at once.