“A true professional; able to skillfully control and guide a large, diverse audience with empathy. Self- assured, genuine, energetic yet relaxed – This dynamic lady urges her listeners to seize the moment. Tumi creates a safe environment and meaningful discussions for attendees”.

Valerie Ansley
Financial Manager
Alender Forbes - Financial Services PTY (Ltd)

“I just want to say a huge thank you to Tumi. She was awesome and our employees loved her! Our CEO also attended the event (last minute) and he enjoyed it very much. She really is very inspirational, have some gems to share. I love her genuineness and think she is lovely. She spoke to everyone from the ground to the highest level”.

Susan Huyser
Internal Communication Specialist
Nestle – South Africa PTY (Ltd)

"The best teacher is the one who shows you where to look but doesn't tell you what to see. This is the kind of a coach and teacher Tumi Frazier is. She inspires others to take positive action; this is IMPACT! She is articulate, professional and passionate about her CRAFT.".

Yoav Duek
Executive Director
Dashpay (FinancialTechnology)

"As a platform for uplifting KPMG women; KNOW benefits immensely from interactions with inspiring, powerful and authentic women such as yourself. Your ability take some of the most complex topics and make them relatable to your audience is incredible. Look forward to the next talk"

Grathel Motau
KPMG Network of Women

"Excellent facilitator, energetic, communicates with ease, highly participative team building session."                                                                                      

Xolisa Mabhongo
Department of Foreign Affairs Multilateral

"Tumi Frazier inspires many, as her own personal entrepreneurial story on the road to success is an inspiration in itself. She is proof positive that if you have the will to succeed, then that success will be forthcoming. At Lionesses of Africa, we love Tumi’s approach to life."

Melanie Hawken
Founder and editor-in-chief