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Elevating entrepreneurial thinking, innovation and corporate intrapreneurship to help corporate leaders to re-think leadership in the digital era and unlocking potential in entrepreneurs to compete in global economies.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Internationally renowned Keynote Speaker, Author and Licensed Preacher.


“Ms. Frazier facilitated a twelve (12) week Women’s High Growth Program that comprised of various modules, master classes and mentorship sessions for the Standard Bank Incubator. Ms Frazier delivered an amazing programme at the highest level of quality with great attention to detail.


The modules were customized to suit the development of high growth woman entrepreneurs. The sessions were extremely practical and relevant to the individuals. There was amazing attention to detail.

Ms. Frazier is a great presenter and very authentic. Her personal style is very professional. Ms Frazier is extremely articulate. She can take some of the most complex topics and make them relatable to her audience. The entrepreneurs were always left wanting more at the end of her sessions.

The modules were customized and extremely beneficial to the woman on the programme. Many went on to apply their learnings and provided excellent feedback on the content received”.
Jayshree Naidoo
Head of Business Accelerator
Standard Bank of South Africa Limited