So, how do plan to recover this festive season

Photo by: Christian Newman

Too many events fill our days leaving us completely exhausted throughout the year.

So, it is critical to pause from time to time; to put expectations and schedules aside and just be still because it is not in the planning or hectic moments but in the stillness and inactivity that true imagination and inspiration flourish.

So, the key to improvement and continued professional and entrepreneurial success is finding balance between activity, stress and recovery.

Most athletes know that getting enough rest after rigorous training is essential for high-level performance because the body repairs and strengthens itself between workouts.

Essentially, athletes don’t get stronger when lifting weights for instance — this is the time when they are tearing muscle fibers and getting weaker. It is only during the rest and recovery period that the body begins to heal and adapt so that it is better prepared for future stress. Only then can the athlete continue, taking on even more weight or distance.

Similarly, executives, professionals and entrepreneurs can’t be resilient or reach greater heights without sufficient recovery. Since you’ve spent too much time in the performance zone during the course of this year; you need sufficient time in the recovery zone because the very lack of recovery will drastically hold back your ability to be resilient next year.

So, if during the coming holidays you get stressed out as a result of making decisions about a vacation itself or renovating your home, your brain is still hard at work.

Browsing the internet while on vacation is not helpful either because it is not restorative enough to take your mind out of the work mode. Remember, our brains need rest and recovery as much as our bodies do.

Here are some ideas to help you recover:
  1. 1. Get enough sleep - actually, sleep early enough as hours slept before twelve mid night are proven to be more effective than those slept after.
  2. 2. Cultivate moments of silence between other activities during your vacation.
  3. 3. Turn on ‘out-of-office message to limit email access, better yet, leave your laptop at home.
  4. 4. Go on a social media “fast” for a few days.